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7/25/2016 Senator Stavisky Unveils Sound Monitor Data and Calls For Reduction to Airplane Noise Once and For All
“The issue of plane noise is nothing new to the thousands of families being affected by it every day. Ask anyone living in this neighborhood and I’m sure they will tell you how disruptive plane noise can be,” State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky said.

10/15/2015 Norton Requests Hearing on Airplane Noise Affecting D.C. and Communities Across the Nation
“There are reports from throughout the country of intolerable nighttime and early morning airplane noise in residential neighborhoods, much of it caused by new flight paths designed to implement NextGen”

10/01/2014 Reps. Israel, Meng, McCarthy, Crowley, Meeks, and Bishop Announce Quiet Skies Caucus to Combat Aircraft Noise
“Congressional group will work to raise awareness of and reduce aircraft noise”

9/25/2014 Shuster and LoBiondo Joint Statement on Inspector General Report on FAA NextGen System
“Growing skepticism among the aviation community about the FAA’s capability to successfully modernize our nation’s airspace …”

9/12/2014 Member Letter to FAA on Aircraft Noise

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