Some Standard excuses from the FAA in relation to the overuse of Runway 22L at JFK

The FAA has told numerous frustrated residents these laughable excuses in relation to the new low level altitude paths for Runway 22L approaches that got changed in the blink of an eye with NO enviro study or residential impact study over Nassau County.  They are;

The 22L arrivals were always over Nassau, you just never noticed it.
Altitudes are at least 2500 feet approaching Garden City, not lower
The TRACON agreement is being followed to maximum extent
We change runways every 8 hours to spread out the noise
It’s OK to use the 22s with gale force crosswinds and tailwinds
Earlier South/SW winds promoted the extra usage of the 22s
Repairs /construction on other runways added to extra 22L usage
This flight path is only “temporary” since the Bay Runway is closed
22L arrivals decrease in the Fall/Winter months due to NW winds
22R lengthening will not bring planes lower/closer to houses
We have to mirror EWR/LGA patterns due to the congestion
No significant impact to any residential areas with the new paths

We pay the highest taxes in the country to live in Nassau County.  These are excuses and not answers.  They are telling the residents anything just to use Runway 22L day and night.  But we are onto it now……..

The PANYNJ has “set up” a Noise office to address residents complaints……

With aircraft noise on the rise in Nassau and Queens, the PA has established a way for residents to call in and log complaints directly related to the airport that their noise is being generated from.  The problem with this is the lack of communication and addressing OF THE RESIDENTS complaints.   Resident’s calls are being unanswered, frustration is growing into the lack of being ignored on this serious issue.  One thing residents have noticed is “extra noise”  over their areas when they call and complain – therefore retaliatory.

Emailing the PA and the FAA directly isn’t any better.  The 9-AEA-NOISE email address to the FAA is useless.  When residents complain to this email address, the complaints get sent to JFK’s “noise officer” only for him to pass the complaints onto the regional managers.  The regional managers will mail you a response in the mail with a standard excuse of “nothing is wrong” and everything is fine over your area.   No matter how serious your noise or pollution is over your home, you will get the same response mailed to your house.   This is absolutely unacceptable considering neighborhoods are being tortured incessantly from both of these organizations.

What we want – is better communication and addressing of our complaints.  It is the residents/taxpayers that pay the FAA and the PA’s salaries.  We don’t want appeasement, we want our complaints handled and not ignored.  We want equitable traffic distribution over our areas – the excuses have finally come to a head.

Once again the PA’s noise hotline to report airplane noise is;

1-800-225-1071 option 1 for JFK