Our Senators finally speak

New York Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand’s letter to the FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.  It’s a start, and we appreciate the letter from our Senators.  We’re glad they brought up the topic of DNL, but not necessarily mentioning the push for more modern levels, 55db (which entails a flawed method on how airplane noise is measured, by taking the aggregate data and not per flight basis).

Community engagement is huge.  Let’s see if/how the FAA responds.  Please send your thanks to our Senators for their letter.

Read the letter here


2 thoughts on “Our Senators finally speak”

  1. Sorry, but that letter is only about noise levels. The real issue is FREQUENCY. That’s what really makes our days and nights awful.

    Why should we thank them for finally doing – half-doing – their jobs?

  2. schummer and gillibrand, wow, since this all started in 2012 now they deceide to write heurta a letter.
    heurta will do nothing, he doesnt acre.
    this noise has been going on sicne 2012.

    why is this allowed

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