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Why should airplanes take-off and land into the wind?

When an airplane is taking off or landing, it’s important to limit the amount of runway it requires to do so, for safety reasons. The airplane has two speeds:

  • one is airspeed, its speed through the air, and the other is
  • ground speed, its speed relative to the ground (including the runway).

Its ability to fly depends on airspeed. The length of the runway it needs, and the amount of wear and tear put on tires and brakes, depends on its ground speed.

When landing, the aircraft must land into wind as this will help maintain lift at lower air speeds, even though there is a use of flaps, the headwind increases the lift allowing slow flight to commence.

Are safety protocols being followed?  No.  This is NOT happening, JFK Air Traffic Controllers are putting passengers and crew, along with residents living below, in danger.  Time and time again Runway 22 L and R are being used on a schedule when safety should take priority over EVERYTHING.  Many a times flights are landing with crosswinds.  Extremely dangerous.  When Runway 22 L and R are used for arrivals, airplanes are forced to hook over Nassau and Queens county.



Gov. Cuomo orders Part 150 study.  e-CFR link

Airspace Redesign, NextGen.


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