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New York Airports Community Roundtable Formation

The PANYNJ has proposed the use of a single roundtable with two airport committees, one to represent LGA and one for JFK.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 7th at 6:30p at York College.

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PANYNJ December Noise Complaints Report

No surprise here.  A steady increase in complaints.  Though a slight drop from the summer’s peak.  However, there is a mark decrease in complaints for some towns (ie New Hyde Park) while we know undoubtedly that the number of flight operations have increased.

We can only assume residents have been left frustrated as their complaints are not being heard or acted upon, and have simply stopped.  That’s what the PANYNJ and FAA want us to do.  Don’t stop.

Also hard to believe the towns east of JFK have twice as many complaints over November.  Runway 31L/R are BARELY used.  ATC do their very best to AVOID those areas.  Is anyone wondering why that is, yet?  Start asking.

We are the victims of noise and air pollution.  We are not asking for airports to go away, they’re a necessary evil.  But the towns under the 22L flightpath are severely abused, and this needs to change.  There needs to be greater attention paid to safety protocols in regards to wind direction (and not put efficiency first), equal distribution of runway use, and a greater spread of flight paths.

Please help spread the message.

Read the complaint report here.