Unusually Quiet Times

You’ve endured months years of; low flying, ear deafening, anxiety causing, crop dusting airplanes overhead 30-to-45 seconds apart for hours on end.  What feels like never ending arrivals onto runway 22L.  Then —all of a sudden— around the same time JFK Int’l Airport had begun reconstruction of runway 22R/4L, you’ve witnessed for the very first time in a very long time — quiet skies.

And then you woke up.  But, it’s still quiet?!

What the what?!

You pinch yourself not once, not twice, but thrice.  You my friend, are not asleep.  This is real.  This is really happening.

The airplanes have finally ceased it’s raid over our homes.  The raids that frequently lasted for 72-hours straight, with maybe a 3-6 hour pause, and then back to another 24-48+ hour operation, have temporarily left the building.

Until now, the aerial assault that you never got used to — looked something like this:



It has been explained by FAA officials that this configuration (22L & 22R arrivals + 31L departures) is used to increase efficiency, thereby reducing delays for arrival and departure operations.

Somebody, somewhere, swears that by forcing flights to make a gigantic U-turn over Nassau County, cutting across the island twice, made trips quicker for passengers, and also consumes less fuel for the airlines.  Mmm-hmm.  You can be the judge of that one.  Pictures are worth a thousand words!

There has got to be a good explanation, right?  Perhaps, it was due to extreme winds, or, a special event in NYC that’s pushing all of this travel demand!  Nope, this was a daily occurrence.  No anomalies.  Runway 22L was(is) selected as the runway of choice, regardless of; calm winds, strong winds, reindeers, tornadoes.

Now that reconstruction has taken a popular departure runway (22R) out of the mix, 22L has reverted back to it’s original role as THE OVERFLOW RUNWAY.

That’s right.  Historical runway configurations are now back in use.  Departures off 13R, arrivals into 13L, and overflow arrivals into 22L via the VOR/DME approach.



Is it because of the closed runway that JFK Air Traffic operations and the airlines have decreased volume to account for the foreseeable delays?  Nope.  The number of daily flight operations have remained the same, if not increased slightly.

Based on Real-Time delay indices, very quickly you will notice that delays while using the historical runway configuration (due to 22R/4L runway closure) are less when compared to what the FAA declare as the optimal configuration.  That’s not very efficient now, is it?

That’s right, delays are now virtually non-existent.

Does this make sense to you?

But don’t get used to it.  The construction work has been slated to run through September 22nd.  Once runway reconstruction has completed, you can bet the raids will continue where they left off at the end of April.

Thereby, adding another excuse that NextGen is needed to reduce these forced delays.

FAA/PANYNJ, who are you kidding here??

PANYNJ December Noise Complaints Report

No surprise here.  A steady increase in complaints.  Though a slight drop from the summer’s peak.  However, there is a mark decrease in complaints for some towns (ie New Hyde Park) while we know undoubtedly that the number of flight operations have increased.

We can only assume residents have been left frustrated as their complaints are not being heard or acted upon, and have simply stopped.  That’s what the PANYNJ and FAA want us to do.  Don’t stop.

Also hard to believe the towns east of JFK have twice as many complaints over November.  Runway 31L/R are BARELY used.  ATC do their very best to AVOID those areas.  Is anyone wondering why that is, yet?  Start asking.

We are the victims of noise and air pollution.  We are not asking for airports to go away, they’re a necessary evil.  But the towns under the 22L flightpath are severely abused, and this needs to change.  There needs to be greater attention paid to safety protocols in regards to wind direction (and not put efficiency first), equal distribution of runway use, and a greater spread of flight paths.

Please help spread the message.

Read the complaint report here.

Unhappy New Year

It was a terrible year filled with airplanes overhead spewing enormous amounts of cancer causing toxins, along with the apparent noise pollution. JFK Runway 22L was the single most used abused runway that routes arrivals into JFK over Nassau and Queens County at just around 1700ft around most of the area.

The FAA and PANYNJ have abused us long enough as their new motto have become Efficiency Over Safety.  These agencies  have run amok as they lack any accountability for their actions, a complete disgrace.  The flights overhead are accidents waiting to happen, especially when forced to land into galeforce crosswinds.  Even the pilots complain!

The FAA Eastern Administrators and other ranking officials (who reside in the vicinity of the other 7 JFK runways) do not experience the number of flights comparable to those that route over Nassau and Queens via Runway 22L.  Coincidence?

Be well, and be safe.  If you are looking for peace and quiet in the skies in 2015, find a home relatively close to these officials.

How bad was it for Nassau and Queens residents in the year 2014? Click here, and you be the judge


PANYNJ November Noise Complaints Report

JFK Runway 22L is absolutely being abused, in turn, abusing large areas of Nassau and Queens county.  Let’s be real, the noise is part of the problem.  It’s the most apparent problem yes (you can hear it).  But to dismiss the bigger problem (the one we can’t see) would be a huge mistake.

These airplanes exhaust unbelievable amounts of cancer causing toxins above our heads.  The FAA, ATC, PANYNJ are fattening their wallets at our expense.  Can they deny that 22L is not over-used versus the other 7 runways??

Read the complaint report here.

Contact Information for Resident Complaints

Tired of hearing and seeing 22L arrivals over your ONCE quiet neighborhood?  Areas that never had air traffic over them, and areas that are nowhere near JFK now look and sound like they are in a backyard to the Airport. It’s time to submit complaints, NOW! The PA are the owners and operators of the Airports, and they should be working together closely with the FAA on their operations.  Our areas will only get worse with pollution and property values will drop lower than what they already are if we don’t act.

PANYNJ Contact Info:

1-800-225-1071 option 1 for JFK and mention 22L arrivals.


FAA Contact Info:



Elected Officials Contact info:


JFK and Runway Selections


JFK is a MAJOR airport luckily built on the Ocean with 8 total Runways.  JFK is abusing and dangerously using the 22s , that’s a no brainer with pilot complains and data to prove.  The JFK control tower is directly responsible for choosing what Runways are to be used for traffic.  Each Set of Runways at JFK contain 2 parallels.  They have major Runways all which face the prevailing wind directions-  They are:

Runways 4L and 4R / Runways 22L and 22R
Runways 13L and 13R / Runways 31L and 31R

The 4s and 22s are the same just bi-directional and the same goes for the 13s/31s.  The 13s and 31s are JFK’s most longest, widest and state of the art Runways and have always been the primary arrival Runways.

As for wind directions for usage , protocols state:

4s are to be used when winds prevail N/NE/ENE/NNW/NW and also used in storms with low cloud cover.  These Runways puts arriving planes 98% over the ocean over minimal residential areas, the departures effect more residential areas as they fly north of the airport.

22s are to be used when winds prevail S/SW/SSW.  These are JFK’s shortest and narrowest.  The arrivals are flying at dangerously low altitudes over areas no where near JFK in violation of mandated flight standards.  The departures effect Arverne and the Rockaways. These are the abused Runways used with all winds and speeds as you heard the pilot questioning why these Runways were in usage.  They cant accommodate the larger aircraft as the other sets of Runways can due to their short size.   These are JFK’s “last choice resort” Runway selections because of their large residential flight paths all over Nassau and into mid-Suffolk, and also because of their size.  As you can see the FAA is ignoring protocols and putting these small Runways as the primary landing/departing configurations against safety and operating procedures.  These Runways also historically have the most air crashes at JFK (ex. Eastern Airlines Flight 66).  The TRACON tower agreement also states that the 22s are NOT to be in usage from 11PM to 7AM for obvious reasons – this is violated almost on a nightly basis.

13s are to be used when winds prevail E/ESE/SE/SSE.   These Runways put arrivals over the belt parkway via the “Canarsie Parkway” landing and just over Howard Beach on final.  The departures effect the Rockaways, Atlantic Beach, Inwood, 5 towns, and Lawrence/Cedarhurst.   The noise area is limited on how the pilots “bank” off of 13R.

31s are to be used when winds prevail W/NW/WNW/NNW/WSW.  The arrivals are mostly over the Long Beach, and 5 towns areas.  The departures hug the belt parkway via the “Canarsie Climb” and are 97% over water.  These are JFK’s main arrival and departure Runways along with the 13s.

We have seen severe decline in arrival paths for the 13s, 31s and 4s while shifting all arrivals to the 22s when prevailing winds are favoring the other runways to be in usage.  This certainly is putting arrival/departure volume/efficiency first and safety last.  JFK and the FAA are following schedules, not protocols…..

FAA Caught Red-Handed on the misuse of Runway 22L

Efficiency and “departure push” over Safety and protocols

The FAA Eastern regional manager is constantly saying “Safety first, and safety is paramount”……

CERTAINLY not after you hear this as JFK and their FAA ATC’s are deliberately routing planes into Runway 22L against all Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Protocols,  all to have departures take off the quickest while the arrivals pay the price of landing into gale force crosswinds on Runway 22L.

The people in the air on these planes, and the residents on the ground better wake up and realize what is going on behind the scenes in that control tower.  This is dangerous, deliberate, and out of control.  These guys deserve to lose their jobs for what they are allowing.

Is PANYNJ getting our point across?

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey claim to work closely with the FAA and forwards our complaints when calling the noise complaint hotline. This FOIA response claims otherwise. Still, do not let up on the complains as PANYNJ still log on their end. Someone will be held accountable.

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