2 thoughts on “Contact your NYS Senator and NYS Assembly to cosponsor Bill S5855\A7710”

  1. I live in Rosedale, Queens NY on the immediate border of Valley Stream and the constant loud low flying aircrafts are driving me and my wife crazy for over 6 months now.
    Delta, JetBlue, AA, Emirates, Virgin… just to name a few, are a nuisance and a health hazard. They start as early as 4:30 am and continue all day and into the nights until 2:00am… coming at 1 minute intervals or less.
    The noise is unbearable and causing sleep apnea to us both.
    I’ve called and emailed the NY/NJ Airport Authority numerous times and was contacted twice about the sometimes deafening situation. We should be allowed to sleep at nights undisturbed. It’s now 1:57am and the planes are still flying low and loud directly over our house. 06/30/2019

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