7 thoughts on “Contact your NYS Senator and NYS Assembly to cosponsor Bill S5855\A7710”

  1. I live in Rosedale, Queens NY on the immediate border of Valley Stream and the constant loud low flying aircrafts are driving me and my wife crazy for over 6 months now.
    Delta, JetBlue, AA, Emirates, Virgin… just to name a few, are a nuisance and a health hazard. They start as early as 4:30 am and continue all day and into the nights until 2:00am… coming at 1 minute intervals or less.
    The noise is unbearable and causing sleep apnea to us both.
    I’ve called and emailed the NY/NJ Airport Authority numerous times and was contacted twice about the sometimes deafening situation. We should be allowed to sleep at nights undisturbed. It’s now 1:57am and the planes are still flying low and loud directly over our house. 06/30/2019

  2. Hi,
    i live in levittown and we are 15 miles from any airport and were getting assaulted by these
    planes as well for 10 to 12 hrs a day on a daily basis from 3:30 pm until 3:00 am the following day and the cycle starts over again.. and now they started up during the day.. so we are becoming an all day all night runway.. something needs to be done!! let the planes take off and land out of the rockaway runways over the water .. I have made over 300 complaint calls and its getting worse..
    nassau county needs to take the port authority to court .

    1. We understand your frustration. We need more people fighting. We hope you are filing complaints. The easiest way to file is through https://airnoise.io/
      There is a free subscription as well as a paid subscription.
      Hope you will be part of the fight and keep filing your complaints to get your voice heard.

    2. oyster bay is no better, jets flying directly over my house not only can’t you sit outside and enjoy your own back yard, on a day like today where i need to work remote i am inside my house and can’t even do a work related call with the constant noise it pierces right through the walls.

  3. I live in Malverne NY on the border of Valley Stream and the constant loud low flying aircrafts flying over our house every 30 seconds to 1 minute in criminal! This started in April/May 2019 and has destroyed our quiet town and the quality of our lives and our physical and mental well being.

    The noise is maddening and will force us to move if this doesn’t stop soon.

    I’ve called many times to complain on the JFK hotline and have not had any responses. Does anyone have an update on this JFK runway work and will it end as expected in Nov 19?

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