Nassau County Aviation Committee Meeting Tuesday April 30.

We are proud to announce the 1st meeting of the Nassau County Aviation Committee to be held on Tuesday April 30,2019 7PM to 9PM at Nassau Community College -CCB ( College Center Building) Room 252/253  see attached map & directions

Elected Officials committed to the residents of Nassau County:

Senator Schumer, Congresswoman Rice, County Executive Curran, State Senator Thomas, State Senator Kaplan, State Senator Kaminsky, State Senator Brooks, State Senator Gaughran, Assemblywoman Solages, Assemblywoman Griffin, Assemblyman Ra, Assemblyman Lavine, Assemblyman D’Urso, Legislator Lafazan, Legislator Nicolello, Legislator Birnbaum, Legislator Gaylor



2 thoughts on “Nassau County Aviation Committee Meeting Tuesday April 30.”

  1. I am on the Board and represent the Albertson Square Civic Association for this topic. Thank you very much for organizing these meetings and leading this project for us. A lot of very important information was shared last night . I will do what I can to spread the word about the urgent need to contact our governmental leaders and file complaints with the FAA and NY/NJ Port Authority at our upcoming Civic association meeting on September 17th.

    Please add me to your distribution list. I was at yesterday’s meeting and left contact information on the sign in sheet at the door. Just making sure you pick me up as my handwriting is not so great!

    Ed Rakowski, Esq.

    1. Hi Ed
      Thank you so much for attending the meeting. We all have to work together. We can present at one of your meetings to educate residents on how they can help. Let us know. You can email us at
      Have a great day.

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