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As many of you know, the Eastern Queens Alliance lost the recent legal battle appealing the FAA approval of the 4L/22R Runway extension project at JFK. We called for a complete environmental impact study (EIS) to determine the full environmental effects of such a project on our health and overall quality of life. The FAA and the PANYNJ maintained that they were just following standards and regulations approved by the FAA and by Congress. By there denial of our appeal, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ignored all of our arguments–the people’s arguments– and agreed. If we cannot get them to voluntarily consider the health and safety of our communities, we need to go over their heads and change the standards. Therefore, we are starting a “We The People” petition asking the Obama Administration to propose a revision of the FAA’s noise standards in light of recent scientific findings

By this petition, we are not asking for special treatment, or for the FAA to be held to unreasonable, unreachable standards. We are merely asking that Congress and the FAA revisit the FAA’s health and safety standards for noise exposure in light of more than thirty years of technological and scientific advancement and discovery. The communities of Eastern Queens and other airport-adjacent communities across the nation are overburdened and it isn’t fair. We deserve better! Our very health, safety and quality of life are at stake!

Please take this opportunity to show Congress that you care, and that you want them to care too. Please go to the following link to sign the We the People Petition! Please also pass the word along!

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