Some Standard excuses from the FAA in relation to the overuse of Runway 22L at JFK

The FAA has told numerous frustrated residents these laughable excuses in relation to the new low level altitude paths for Runway 22L approaches that got changed in the blink of an eye with NO enviro study or residential impact study over Nassau County.  They are;

The 22L arrivals were always over Nassau, you just never noticed it.
Altitudes are at least 2500 feet approaching Garden City, not lower
The TRACON agreement is being followed to maximum extent
We change runways every 8 hours to spread out the noise
It’s OK to use the 22s with gale force crosswinds and tailwinds
Earlier South/SW winds promoted the extra usage of the 22s
Repairs /construction on other runways added to extra 22L usage
This flight path is only “temporary” since the Bay Runway is closed
22L arrivals decrease in the Fall/Winter months due to NW winds
22R lengthening will not bring planes lower/closer to houses
We have to mirror EWR/LGA patterns due to the congestion
No significant impact to any residential areas with the new paths

We pay the highest taxes in the country to live in Nassau County.  These are excuses and not answers.  They are telling the residents anything just to use Runway 22L day and night.  But we are onto it now……..