NO air monitoring under the 22 approaches at JFK

Runways 22 L/R have no air monitoring systems in place at all to monitor air pollution levels for Nassau County residents.  This means, the FAA can use and abuse Runways 22 L/R for as long as they want without any data on pollution, and that’s exactly what’s being done.

The main runways at JFK have air monitoring systems in place, which is why we don’t see those runways in frequent usage since pollution levels would be through the roof with data.  The usages the 22s are receiving is dangerous to the health of Nassau.

We encourage you to write to your assemblyman/woman and request them to contact the EPA for air monitors in place under these severely abused approaches at JFK.  With 500 plus planes a day landing into these runways all over residential areas, we can assure you that the air you are breathing in is below acceptable levels.