Contact Information for Resident Complaints

Tired of hearing and seeing 22L arrivals over your ONCE quiet neighborhood?  Areas that never had air traffic over them, and areas that are nowhere near JFK now look and sound like they are in a backyard to the Airport. It’s time to submit complaints, NOW! The PA are the owners and operators of the Airports, and they should be working together closely with the FAA on their operations.  Our areas will only get worse with pollution and property values will drop lower than what they already are if we don’t act.

PANYNJ Contact Info:

1-800-225-1071 option 1 for JFK and mention 22L arrivals.

FAA Contact Info:


Elected Officials Contact info:

4 thoughts on “Contact Information for Resident Complaints”

  1. I live in Massapequa my. One of the reasons I moved from east Rockaway was I couldn’t take the constant plane overflights and enjoy my yard. They have followed me here. I have purchased and use the noise complaint button making over 100 complaints a week. The more complaints I make it’s like they send more planes and drop them even lower. I’m 17 miles from jfk. There were never any over flights here. I have contacted all my local officials. One got back to me. They said it’s purely do to runway construction and things should go back to normal in November. Is that true?

    1. Hi Alan,

      Whoever told you the air noise and pollution is only due to the runway construction is 100% being untruthful to you. Massapequa is one of the more popular ‘beginnings’ of the Arc of Doom route. Massapequa is where planes arriving from the south primarily first arrive over land to begin the big U-turn over northern Nassau. This will continue regardless if there is runway construction or not. There are photos of the track floating around, you can see for yourself…

      1. Also Alan FYI. Robbyn Stewart from the Port Authority gave me the exact same line about runway construction. No changes have been made since they finished it.

    2. Alan
      I am in Merrick. I have the same situation. About 3 months ago, we started getting all of this departure traffic out of 22L / 4L. It’s intolerable. Last night I was kept awake until 3 am due to plane noise. We deserve to be treated better than this.

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